Men 's property because of property ownership dispute hammer hit his wife and mother

Two wounded without life-threatening aggrieved by the police on March 4 morning
Two men were killed in the morning of the morning of January 4, a man in Chaoyang District, Riverside Sunshine Park area, with a hammer to his wife and mother-in-law wounded. Nearby neighbors found, rushed to the police. Soon, the police rushed to the scene, the man control and take the inquiry. Two wounded were also sent to the Civil Aviation General Hospital for treatment, there is no life-threatening. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning News reporter learned from the Chaoyang police, the perpetrators were criminal detention. According to the account, he is because the home property disputes and ruthless hands. Late night hammer two parents Beijing Morning News reporter at the incident site to see, the accident is located in the residents of the five floors of the building, the door residual blood. No one at home, the door locked. According to a neighbor said that night he also alarm. "I heard the screams of the woman next door, I knew that happened, and did not dare to look out, and quickly called the police." The household said, next door came the first quarrel sound, and later heard the chase and the woman's miserable Called out. "They are starting from the night more than 11 o'clock noisy, has been noisy for an hour before moving hands." Neighbors said he opened the door to see the corridor is full of blood, male neighbors holding a hammer from the elevator just out, And returned to the house, who had blood, looked a little dull. "Scared me quickly closed the door." The neighbor said that the male surnamed Wang, usually watched is an honest person, 40 years old this year, and love and mother-in-law live together. "But for some time always hear them quarrel, do not know because of what." The murderer did not resist the captured police received the police, and soon rushed to the scene. According to reports, when Wang's wife and mother-in-law are waiting at the cell door 999 ambulance. Both head has a clear wound, blood DC. In order to escape as soon as possible, the two even had time to wear a coat and get a key. The police immediately took action after the ambulance arrived at the wounded. The police took out a shield from the car into a good group, to the incident site, Wang arrested. Upstairs police directly rushed into the house, this time Wang also took a hammer some daze to stand. Saw the police rushed in he did not resist, put down the hammer lying on the ground. Subsequently, the police took it to interrogate. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning News reporter learned from the Civil Aviation General Hospital, Wang's wife and mother-in-law has received treatment, no life-threatening. And Wang also told the police, the reason why the ruthless hand, because the wife and the residence of the house had a dispute. He believes that his wife and his mother to seek their own property. At present, the suspect Wang was Chaoyang police criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation. Beijing Morning News 96101 live news reporter Zhang Jingya clue: Mr. Chen

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