Tomorrow high speed road to the first return to Beijing peak yesterday, Beijing traffic has declined

Summer Palace yesterday received a total of 9.6 million tourists
Yesterday afternoon, the Summer Palace East Palace in front of many tourists queuing tickets admitted to the park. Yesterday the Summer Palace received a total of 96,000 tourists. Interns Peng Ziyang photo "eleven" holiday has been half, yesterday, as of 3 pm, the Temple of Heaven and other 11 municipal parks and garden museum visitors nearly 500,000 people. The number of tourists ranked the top three were Tiantan Park 103,300 people; the Summer Palace 96000 people; Beijing Zoo 54000 person-time. With the late holiday weather turned fine, the temperature picked up, the number of tourists in the major parks may rise again. 10 o'clock yesterday morning, the Temple of Heaven Park, the Summer Palace and other park tickets and the number of admission has been "small peak." Tiantan Park, the relevant person in charge said that the park's best tourist reception for the 60,000 people, the largest tourist reception for the 100,000 people, although yesterday has exceeded the maximum amount of reception, but the park did not occur due to greater congestion, did not take Current limit measures. Summer Palace yesterday received a total of 9.6 million tourists, compared to the previous day down 15,000 people. Up to now, the Summer Palace Scenic Area during the National Day visitors received more than 32 million people, down 35% over the same period last year. Four days before the National Day holiday, the total number of tourists in the city park and garden museum was nearly 2 million. Beijing News reporter Rao Pei trainee reporter Li Xiangrong during the National Day although many visitors, but there are some tour Raiders. Yesterday, the reporter visited the second place in the Summer Palace, found that the choice of subway to the North Gate and the official APP with the tour, can save time and effort. Visit 1 North Palace from the subway walk 5 minutes The Summer Palace of the North Gate and the East Gate door closer to the subway station, 10 am yesterday, the reporter from the subway station north gate walk to the Summer Palace North Gate only five minutes from the Summer Palace East Palace Walk to the subway Xiyuan Station for 17 minutes. However, the two entrance queuing ticket number is relatively large. North Gate door ticket window line about 20 meters, the reporter about 10 minutes to buy tickets. In the journalists during the queue, see a lot of cattle approached asked the tourists whether to vote, the fare than the original 30 yuan expensive 5 yuan. Staff reminded the risk of buying tickets from the hands of cattle, the public suggested that the ticket at the regular ticket office. ● reminded by the North Gate into the park for the steps and stone road, it is recommended that the elderly tourists to the west side of the 300 meters north of the door to purchase tickets. Wenchang courtyard, the new palace door and the south wishful line number less, Zijia tourists can choose these entrances into the park. Visit 2 official APP to find more convenient attractions on the eve of the National Day, the Summer Palace Management Office in the Andrews system launched an APP, with independent navigation function. Yesterday, reporters just through the ticket gate, they received the software to remind: "Welcome to the Summer Palace North Gate." Reporters point to open the North Gate door voice to explain the logo, download the resource package, click on the "route" section, you can choose the line. Recommended lines include the East Gate, North Gate and the new palace three admission location, is expected to browse time can be divided into 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 2.5 hours three time periods. After determining the route, the overall map of the Summer Palace immediately appeared. Reporters each went to a point of view, there is news and can listen to the voice of explanation. Reporters to the normal speed, in accordance with the "North Gate door admission, 1.5 hours tour" line finished five recommended attractions, a total of 2 hours spent. In addition, after admission, many people who have a tour guide card asked to ask whether the need to explain. A "tour guide" said that three people within the charge of 100 yuan. Summer Palace related staff said that these guides are not hired in the park. Summer Palace of the palace are rented electronic interpretation device. Rent 20 yuan to explain the time, a deposit of 50 yuan. ● remind the official APP called "Summer Palace", the icon for the red bottom, the upper right corner of the V letter. Currently there are many "cottage" versions on the market. Although the APP can be precise positioning, but no route navigation, the reporter can only find the location of the map based on the map. Visit 3 color painting corridor surrounding areas of the most crowded Yihai Garden Gallery and the streets of Suzhou Street, Buddha Xiangge are popular attractions, the reporter at the invitation to visit the site, at the door waiting for five minutes before squeezing into the hall. In the German and Park Scenic Area on the west side of the bathroom, waiting for two hours to keep the team more than 20 meters. And Yunhui Yu Yu archway opposite a section of the corridor, gathered a lot of instant noodles tourists, more tourists will be the gallery side of the cultural relics when the "table". Yi Lin, deputy director of the Office of the Summer Palace, the surrounding area of ​​the gallery is the most popular area. Located in the middle of the central corridor of the Buddha Pavilion is the tallest building in the Summer Palace. The east and west of the promenade is favored by tourists because of the Grand Theater of the Empress. ● reminders to prevent the holiday during the large passenger flow, the park has a number of attractions with a one-way sign, visitors should follow the instructions tour. (Reporter Guo Chao) tomorrow will usher in the first to return to Beijing peak, the first time to Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing and Macao and other toll road traffic pressure will be relatively large, return to Beijing high-speed road traffic concentration time is 15:00 to 19:00. Yesterday high-speed road traffic flow has declined, yesterday 0:00 to 16:00, the city's high-speed traffic volume of about 107.64 million, down about 4.73% the previous day. Traffic control department prompts that today is the middle of the holiday, high-speed road into and out of Beijing traffic is relatively stable, but the city some business district and Jingshan, Yuyuantan, Chaoyang Park and other places around 11:00 to 16:00 car. As the weather turns for the better today, it is expected that the traffic flow will increase. Tomorrow, all the high-speed road will usher in the first return to Beijing peak, the Beijing area of ​​the highway will be in a high saturated state, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao traffic pressure. Traffic sector to remind, the owner should try to avoid the 15:00 to 19:00 when the peak traffic. Relative to the toll road, the general road network as a whole to maintain a smooth state, it is recommended that the public travel trip may consider the choice of ordinary roads. (Qinghe Bridge) by G6 white Geqiao out, west (Mentougou direction) around the northwest six ring, by the Fushi Road or lotus West (Beijing) Road into the city. Jinping direction Changping section by G6 Deng Zhuangqiao into the G7 Beijing new high-speed, south to the floor from the village to the west (Mentougou direction) on the West Sixth Ring Road, by the Fushi Road or Lotus Road into the city. Jingcheng Expressway to Beijing to pay the toll station to the tricyclic (Sun Palace Bridge) by the Beijing high-speed Suzao Ling Bridge to the southeast (Shunyi direction) into the North Sixth Ring Road, driving to Li Tianqiao S32 Jingping high-speed, along (city direction) Travel through the airport two high-speed into the city. Jingkai high-speed access to the city sector to the village of Xin Li Village by Hebei ahead of the G45 large high-speed, take the G106 auxiliary line, 40 km in Beijing to enter the city. Beijing News trainee reporter Li Xiangrong

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